Tuesday, June 11, 2013

5 Ways To Make S'mores!

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The first time I went camping, there was a definite shortage of s'more-age. I made up for it the second time by eating twice as many s'mores as anyone probably should. Just short of a sugar induced coma, I created 5 different types of s'mores, and it pretty much changed my life. Let me introduce you to the line up:

Any assortment of candy bars will work, it's smart to have a basic one- like Jersey milk or something similar for the foundation of the perfect s'more. We also had brought Wunderbar, Smarties and Mr. Big, along with peanut butter, bananas, toasted coconut macaroons, and of course marshmallows and honey graham crackers-the bread and butter of 'The S'more'.

Once you have your fixin's it's important to melt the chocolate onto the graham cracker or whatever else will be good melty- here peanut butter and macaroons also got the melty treatment. It's good to have a hot fire with lots of coals to melt the chocolate and toast the marshmallows without burning them.
First we have the Classic S'more! Your basic deliciousness complete with melted milk chocolate and the perfect toasted marshmallow-with double doses of both, obviously.
The Aloha was inspired by the delicious toasted coconut macaroons that my mom brought camping. The coconut was melted on the fire along with the chocolate and topped with a golded marshmallow and a graham cracker jacket.
We had to go big or go home with the Mister Big. Double melted Mr. Big, double toasted marshmallow, double delicious.
The peanut butter banana s'more was my favorite of the bunch and so friggen delicious. The peanut butter chocolate combination was perfect and the banana added a refreshing element that almost made you think it was healthy.
The final s'more on the list is the Candy Bar Supreme. This one can be made any way you want-mmm... Coffee Crisp would be good. Good ol' marshmallows and graham crackers can brighten up any chocolate bar.

Your turn to get s'more creative, let me know what you create! And try that peanut butter banana one, you'll be glad you did, you're welcome in advance ;).


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