Monday, June 10, 2013

Even More Camping!!

After camping for Joel's birthday weekend, I got the itch to go again, and ended up dragging my mom and sister to the woods to camp for a couple of days. All of my camping stuff was ready as I had just used it and so we just threw it in the car and went. We brought art supplies and tons of good food and got creative and just enjoyed the forest. It was close enough to home that we could stop in if we needed it, and Joel came for the weekend when he was off work.

We made all of our meals directly on the fire, I painted a couple of pictures, wrote a haiku, "Ode To Camping", Joel carved some wood and it was overall a really beautiful and inspiring time away.
I'm feeling a little camped out now, probably won't go for at least a couple of weeks, but that definitely felt good for my soul. The forest just does that, all the tall trees an rushing water and refreshing air- you can't help but feel great after.
I also got a good dosage of kitty love, he's now a bonafide campin' cat! Look how badass he is!
What gets you inspired and excited for the coming summer season?


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