Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BUNTING! Party Flags For All Occasions!

Remember that fabric stash I raided with my friend a few weeks back? Well I finally did something with it!
I made some awesome, re-usable and reversible fabric bunting.  These flags are the perfect solution to rainy weather, and they are reversible with a different theme on each side. Nothing screams party louder than some good ol' bunting!
Do-It-Yourself Directions:
1.Pick out your fabric and cut off a 10" strip along the width of the fabric.

2.Pair your fabrics up so that the print on the fabrics compliment each other in case of show-through. Hold them up to the light to make sure everything looks good. (note: my red flags were made of a gauzy cotton and I doubled up red flags to avoid too much show through of the busy floral on the reverse)
3. Stitch the flags together, leaving the top open like a bag with a 1/4" or 6mm seam allowance. Leave 1.5cm or 1/2" at the top corner of the flag and sew down to 1.5cm above the center of the bottom point. Sink your needle into your fabric and lift your presser foot. Pivot your fabric around, put the presser foot back down and continue sewing to the other top corner, again leaving 1.5cm or 1/2" at the end.
4. Decide how spaced-out you would like your flags, this is personal taste really..
5. Pin the flags onto the string, sandwiching it between the two layers all along, leaving about 4' or 1.5m at both ends so that you may tie the bunting up after it is finished.
6. Zig-Zag stitch the string onto/into the flags.
7. Trim around the flags to make them look good and even and volia! Re-usable, reversible, irresistable party bunting, made specifically for your occasion!

Try it out! I'd love to see what you come up with!


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