Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My days have been filled with...

Ever since making my first terrarium, I've been hooked on plants and the effect they have on our day to day lives. My house has since filled up with them, both indoors and out.

My balcony has transformed a lot since I've finished school. I found some cool furniture on the side of the road during Spring Cleaning  including that awesome wicker chair and that stand that I put my plants on (side note: I was really excited that I saw Elsie Larson found the same one at a flea market... Great minds think alike)

I'm also really excited that I have a combination of both practical plants and beautiful plants. Herbs for cooking, Aloe for healing, Chammomile for tea, Succulents to share with friends.

 I also found this quirky hanging planter in somebody's garbage. Painted it pink to match my couch, and hung it up in the space above the half-wall that divides the kitchen and living room (I'm sure there is a real word for an indoor window or half-wall, but I just don't know it). Throw some plants in there and voila! Next level!

Since finishing school I have really just focused on making my house a home. My boyfriend Joel and our good friend Aber and I moved back into Joel's apartment in December (after having rented it out for a year and a half) during winter break at school. I did as best as I could moving us in then, but the days were short and cold and the break was over so quickly. When I went back to school for my final semester any chances of decorating were dashed as I was so busy with my final collection and just managing to eat and sleep were challenging enough. Now that we're settled in and school is over I have been loving making it more cozy and home-y for all of us. I'm absolutely loving the process, even if it has stopped me from doing much designing or sewing, it just seems right for right now.

What about you, what does this season encourage you to focus on?

Thanks for reading :)


  1. I love it BITS! Doesn't it feel so nice to keep up with cleaning & gardening? I just recently planted a sunflower seed, lets hope it grows!!
    keep up the good work

  2. Awe that's awesome! I love sunflowers, so happy and bright :D



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