Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Greatest

We've all been waiting for what feels like forever for this movie to open. It's been pushed back and pushed back for months, but it's finally here! The Great Gatsby opened Cannes Film festival yesterday, and I couldn't help but drool over the beautiful ensembles the stars and other famous fans chose to wear.  

Carey Muligan wears Dior Haute Couture while Leo and Tobey rep Saint Laurent

Cara Delivigne nurtures her British roots in Burberry

Florence Welch and Lana Del Ray both have songs on the soundtrack
Welch wears Miu Miu, Lana wears Lena Hoschek

The beautiful Nicole Kidman wears Dior Haute Couture and pulls it off like a champion

Oneday I'll make epic gowns for red carpet events like this one, or I'll at least attend red carpet events like this one while wearing epic gowns, whichever comes first.

Check out the rest of the 66th Festival de Cannes red carpet style story over on Style.com

I can't wait to see the movie, have any of you guys seen it? Did you love it?




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