Friday, October 18, 2013

A Nearly Disastrous, Yet Succulent Occasion...

I had this planter on my back porch that held an array of succulents and that was accidentally broken this week. After a short panic that I had no suitable planters, I remembered that I have been planning to use eggshells as mini planters for propagating succulents. I figured they would work perfectly for the poor little succulents that had just been uprooted and really in need of a new home. It's getting a little cold out anyway, and as most of them are still pretty little, it's probably a good thing that I was forced to find them a new home. You know, silver lining.
I had one globe light fixture laying around to use for the bigger plants, and the little ones fit perfectly in their new homes. I'm still going to propagate some of my other succulents though. If you don't know what propagating is, it's basically a process that involves removing all of the individual leaves of one succulent plant, and creating new little plants out of each one of them. Succulents are amazing that way, an entire new plant can be grown from one little leaf. It literally enables you to multiply your garden without spending any money. Add some cute planters and you have amazing gifts too! 
I'm happy they are all okay, or at least seem to be so far. I've moved them inside to a new home at the windowsill next to this lovely lady:
They seem like the perfect match! I hope I my new windowsill garden will remind me to get on some propagation this weekend! Is that even a word? I dunno. I do know that the weather has been absolutely gorgeous on the west coast lately, I'm thrift shopping for costume bits tomorrow, and I got to get to a pumpkin patch stat!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all have marvelous weekends!

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