Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm Feeling 22, Scared and Thankful

October 21 officially marks the beginning of my last month as a 22 year old. That means I can only sing "22" for 30 more days and then *poof* I'll be 23. It's okay though, T Swift herself isn't 22 anymore. So there.
 Anywho, this weekend was a bit of a tough one for me. My lovely roommate Abraham left our little town to go get his car which is about 10 hours north east in a town called Revelstoke. It's kind of a long story about how it got there, but the fact remains that he had to go retrieve it, or at least deal with it so that he could stop paying over $100 a month insurance on a car he isn't even driving. We went on a mini road trip to drop him off at the main highway. He's hitch hiking up there to get it, and has brought barely any resources with him in terms of money and food. He's one of those- do it now, deal with the consequences later- kinda guy.
 All in all it makes me worried and a bit sad, I hate saying goodbye, even when it's only temporary. I mean, I know he'll be fine, but all this uncertainty is just unsettling. But then again, I think this is all part of our early 20's. We don't know where we fit in this world, what our roll is supposed to be in it. Sometimes you just have to spread your wings and get out there and feel something new, something raw. Sometimes I wish we could just skip past this scary, mysterious part of life and head straight into full 30 year old adulthood, but the thought of that scares me almost more.
In other news, while I was driving Aber out to the main highway, being all sad and whatnot, my DIY No-Sew Fox Ears pin got repinned 100 times, the blog post itself viewed almost 500 times in one weekend. That, my friends, is a wonderful feeling. It makes me incredibly happy to know that I am creating something inspirational. So thank you so much for reading this little blog I have started. It really fills me with joy, and helps me forget that my dear friend is fending for himself out there in the wild.
I think I'll just try and enjoy this last month as much as possible. And look for a new song about being 23 hehe.
Thanks so much for reading- I mean it.

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