Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yarnlovin' With KnitPicks

A couple weeks ago I was scanning the web for luxurious yarn made of natural fibres, but also that I can afford. I love natural fibres(such as cotton, wool, and silk) because they react to the human body better than synthetic fibres. They are breathable, unlike synthetic fibres, and so they are able to wick away moisture and keep you cool in hot weather. Wool is a natural insulator and although repels water, the scaly fibres(much like human hair that you see in closeups on shampoo commercials) are able to hold heat and keep the wearer (or sheep) warm. Cotton is the only fibre that gets stronger when wet. I'm telling you, natural fibres are cool shit.
So as I was searching, I came across I was honestly hooked at first glance. Along with a huge variety of natural yarns- from superwash Merino wool to Pima Cotton, they offer a palette of over 100 colours! And if all that isn't crazy enough, most of the skeins retail for around $4.00! Needless to say, I made an order that very night. And it arrived today! 
Joel's a little obsessed with Merino wool, and it's sorta really adorable to me. Textile love for the win!
I'm super excited to get my crochet on! I've made a pinboard devoted to yarn-y things that have me inspired if you wanna check it out. Can't wait to see what these beautiful little balls of joy will be made into!


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