Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Woodland Weekends

My man turned 24 this weekend and it has become somewhat of a tradition for us to go camping. As his birthday is on June 1st, it's the perfect excuse to pretend it's summer and go camping, even if it is a little bit early and cold out, we usually have fun.

It started with beautiful weather. My little sister Ariel brought her kitten, Sirius Black and he had a blast exploring the forest and learning about new things like chipmunks and lakes.

The good weather was short-lived and rain rolled in on the second day. To cope we made a big tarp shelter and built the fire bigger and warmer- our efforts worked out and the rain cleared out by nightfall in time for us to see the beautiful starry sky.
 We went for wizard status, which is basically a drinking game which involves taping your new drink to a staff of previous drinks before drinking it. When the staff reaches your height, you reach wizard status and are granted your wizard name.
Some of the other names included: The Silver Seer and Tamwise the Pyromancer
We roasted marshmallows, chopped wood, adventured, cooked amazing meals and just had a good weekend in the woods with friends.
 The trip took a toll on our car and our hygiene, but it was all totally worth it! We're already planning our next trip and I can't wait!

What fun things did you get up to this weekend?


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