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Welcome to BITS! 

My name is Bitty, I live near Vancouver, Canada and use this blog as a creative outlet to share and connect on life's simple pleasures. From crafts and recipes, to photoshoots and music inspo, I use this blog as a way to find my groove and share bits from life that might inspire you!


1. I have a background in Fashion Design, mixed in with a bit of Business and Anthropology. Fashion was always my first love, I've been making my own clothes for as long as I can remember. 

2. I work at a high-end luxury resale shop downtown Vancouver called Mine & Yours, in e-commerce. I photograph products and people, make graphics, and list products on our store. It's a ridiculously fun job and has allowed me such pleasures as meeting influencial business ladies, balling out with 15 Louis Vuitton bags at once and even wearing one-off Valentino couture (okay, I only tried it on, I didn't really wear it, but I almost died right there).I

3. I've been with my boyfriend Joel for almost 7 years and he's the coolest dude ever. He's taught me about patience and welding and the importance of taking risks. I try not to get too mushy about it, but he's pretty magical.

4. 've travelled to Thailand 5 times to work with displaced children, which enriched my life immeasurably and I will forever be grateful for the times I've had overseas and the amazing friends I've made because of it.

5. I can't decide if I am destined to live in the middle of a bustling city in an exposed-brick penthouse loft, or a small large-windowed cabin in the middle of nowhere. I struggle with this everyday.

Some of my Favorite Fall Posts:


  1. looking forward to reading of your journey and intersection of bits of culture, time and divergent thoughts within styled lines of clothing...

  2. I don't know why I've never seen your blog before, but it has a lot of interesting stuff - your are indeed original. I suppose that's to be expected with your original (and beautiful) name, Brittania-Cherish - notwithstanding that your parents may have been/are "hippies"......LOL.

    P.S. Love the scarf and look forward to wearing it in the new year : )

    Uncle Ted



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