Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Favs

Woah, it's March 2nd already?! Where does the time go? The Oscars are tonight and daylight savings ends next week which means it's basically SPRING!! I can't wait for flowers and greenery and gardening and all that other good stuff! 
February was a bit of a quiet one on the blog. While I only posted 7 times, it's a testament to how busy real life was- and I'm telling ya, it was a busy one!
The month started out (thanks to Gossip Girl) with me yearning for an emptier closet of quality items. I'd rather have a few nice, quality items that I love to wear rather than a bunch of fast fashion, cheap, faded and trendy clothes. Can I get an amen?!
I shared my love of breakfast burritos with the last recipe of the breakfast series: Cheesy Breakfast Burritos
I got seriously inspired by love and all things Valentines.
I went on an amazing winter camping trip with a couple of my very best friends. We got to enjoy the beautiful weather in the morning and then the crazy storm overnight- and eat a bunch of food that is terrible for us. It was pretty much perfect.
I started an amazing new internship at an awesome resale store called Mine & Yours. I'm having a great time so far and despite a long commute, it's such an inspiring place to be a part of. I actually feel happy and excited going into work in the morning- and I'm learning so much.
By the end of the month I finally started to clean out my room and use some of my old t shirts to make some trapillo yarn. This yarn has so many uses and is so fresh and functional, I can't wait to get needle deep into my new trapillo stash- possibly have a GIRLS marathon at the same time? Two birds, one stone-  I can never get enough of that show.
Spring is just so hopeful and renewing and refreshing and I am so excited to see where it takes me this time around. Cherry blossoms should be blooming anyday- count our lucky stars!

What a great month. Thanks for reading along with my crazy, random and totally awesome adventures. Bring it on, March.


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