Friday, February 28, 2014

How to Use Trapillo

After making that trapillo yarn yesterday I got really inspired to start making something with all this new yarn. I scoured the web and found all of these super inspiring pictures to get my gears in motion. The best thing about this yarn is that you can make trapillo yarn out of old t shirts. I can already tell I'll be hitting the thrift stores soon to stock up on more.
How cute is this bag?! I could also imagine making the holes larger and making reusable produce bags to bring shopping.
Adorable mini catch-all on my desk? Yes please! And you could make it bigger! Or colourful! (Told you I was getting over excited.)
Trapillo can help you throw a mad dinner party too. You can make some cozy throws and pillows for comfort. A dope colourful choker for good hostess luck. Some amazing handmade placemats. And extra comfortable poufs for after dinner when everyone is stuffed. Add a little moscato and it sounds like a party I wanna go to. (Trapillo party.. told you it's cool!)
Can't keep real plants alive- make some trapillo cacti out of old shirts! Too frugal to invest on a rug (I feel ya) make one out of trapillo! You can even customize it to match your decor. 
I also found this super cool Thai bag. I love Thailand and I love this super unique bag too. I could imagine making it bigger for a laundry hamper or a beach bag. And with Stripes!

I warn you that most of those links are in Spanish or French. Just gotta use the pictures to guide you. I always liked puzzles ;). But seriously though, the possibilities are endless. You could organize all your hair stuff, make light fixtures, giant crochet doily rugs, awesome braided necklaces, weird hippie head pieces. Man, the list really goes on. All I can say is I'm glad I discovered this magical yarn, and that it's changed my life. hahaha.

Here's to trapillo! 

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