Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Musings: Winter Birthday Camping

It was one of our best friends birthdays this past week. Last year his birthday fell on moving week  and was too hectic of a time for a party and this year we had to miss his celebrations as they were being held the same day as my little sisters. To make up for it we teamed up with his wife (also a best friend) to take him on an awesome one-night camping trip in the woods.
Joel and I found the campsite accidentally last weekend while we were exploring some logging roads (which we commonly do to avoid boredom). It's actually an old Boy Scouts camp that has been abandoned and fallen into ruin. It has a couple cabins with wood stoves and lofts. There are even outdoor camp sites and big fire pits. It's basically a dream come true and I actually thought it was dream at first because it is so great (you know that feeling, the "I know I'm going to wake up from this, it's just too good" feeling.
Conditions weren't exactly ideal. We left early to get there on Saturday morning and enjoyed some semi-sunny weather to explore and collect cool artifacts from the beach. We were all on the hunt for the perfect walking stick and spent the day whittling our sticks and adding stones and copper wire. By the afternoon it started pouring rain and by nightfall we were in the middle of a full-fledged storm. It was a little spooky and super duper dark out, but we made a makeshift couch out of tables and blankets and put it in front of the fire and stayed warm making s'mores (you know how much I love them) and discussing the different pictures we could see in the embers.

It was a fairly cold sleep, but a pretty good one and in the morning we had cinnamon buns and French press coffee <3. What else can a girl ask for- forest, fresh air and french pressed, the trifecta of f-word goodness.

I'm happy to be home and cozy, but all-in-all the trip was a highlight of my winter. Seasonal structure can't hold me down! Haha

Hope you all had a great weekend filled with inspiration and adventure as well! Thanks for reading :) <3

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