Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday Musings: Valentines Week

I feel like Valentines day gets a bad rap. If you're single it's considered a mean holiday to remind you of your seemingly unending and doomed loneliness, and if you're cheap or lazy it's shrugged off as a "corporate scam". Truth is, it's just a day to celebrate love! Love to whoever, friends, family, lovers, pets. A special day set aside just to encourage you to show love to the special people in your life.
And honestly, I love the darn holiday! Any excuse for chocolate and flowers is good in my books. Need I even mention that it's also mb fashion week, if the day wasn't good enough already, just add in some top notch fashion and it's Heaven on Earth! 
I'm going on a special trip this weekend to a secret, undisclosed location, but if I were to be home to celebrate, I would for sure use some of these great ideas to set the mood for a romantic Valentines at home. That Valentine's wreath of daffodils is especially inspiring to me. About 5 years ago Joel got a fortune in a fortune cookie that said "When the daffodils bloom, so will great joy in your life" about a year later, I got the same fortune in the lid of my Jones soda- we both still have the fortunes. Whenever I see daffodils in bloom I must pull the car over and grab a bundle for Joel. This is extra awesome (or maybe dangerous) because the first place they usually bloom is in the center garden area between the two lanes of the major Canadian freeway.. makes for some exciting flower picking. I think I would use the tutorial to make a cute daffodil headband or maybe decoration for the fire mantle.
Another great idea is to host a Valentines party with some of your single girlfriends, or even ones that don't care for the forced romance, that conversation heart piƱata is total a party win. 
And check out these dictator valentines cards. So clever and hilarious! I'm going to bomb all my friends timelines with them on the big day! (he has other ones too, if you're not into dictators)

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some fashion to catch up on and some heart-shaped candy to nom. The Marc by Marc Jacobs show is today. Oh yeah, and that lingerie collection I started months and months ago? It's due this Friday. Woof!  

Happy Valentines Week (you know it's bad when they start taking up imaginary weeks in your head)

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