Thursday, September 26, 2013

Boudoir, Lingerie, Pyjamas and Undies

This semester I am in Independant Study Surface Design, which means that I already took the class, and now I am just going further into particulars and experimenting more with the processes that I really loved (mostly dyeing, screen printing and other designs on the fabrics surface), at a time schedule that I choose. It's the best of all worlds. I get to use the dye studio and some of the supplies and I don't have to hard-schedule it into my week- If I don't feel like going in today, I can go in tomorrow, if I can do it at home, no need to go into school- you get it.

Anywho, I was really enthralled with silk painting and the traditional Japanese method of Shibori, which is basically just complicated tie dye. I'm going for sillhouettes of the '20s and '50s west, mixed in with the beautiful ornate decorating of the east to create a line of bra's, underwear, kimonos and silk head wraps. I've been pinning and designing like mad and thought I would share some of my favorite pins with you here today.

1, 2, 3, 4

If you are interested in seeing the rest of the board, click here. I can't wait to share my designs with you and start painting some silk!!!


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