Friday, June 28, 2013

Hats for Summer 2014!

Guys! It's actually, literally, for realz summer! How did that happen?! Not that I'm complaining, this is great news! Although I do find that I often forget the not-so-great things about summer because I'm blinded by love- like bugs and sunburns and, well that's all I can think of actually, because summer's AWESOME!
Well I can't do much about the bug problem, although I'm sure Pinterest can help you with that one, but I am feeling especially drawn to hats this year (check out the awesome hats Tamara and I found at the thrift store last weekend ^). Prevent a sunburn from ever touching your beautiful mug with one of these great hats- and look super cool while doing it! Also, to be honest with you guys, I actually kinda want a visor (gasp! I know right).. I dunno, #3 just seems kind of fresh and new in a back to the future meets Spice Force 5 kinda way (do you guys remember Spice Force Five?). And a wool floppy hat has always been on my wishlist. I found a picture of my mom in a poppy red one.. I wish she still had it, it was a true beaut'!

Also, number 5, the Turband (clever) definitely will not keep you from getting a sunburn.. I just figured what's a 2013 hat list if we don't include the ever-popular urban turban?! Plus, I hear they are super easy to make. :)

Can you feel your inner hattitude screaming to get some lovin'? I sure can!


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