Friday, May 3, 2013

The Succulent Hobbit or How to Make a Terrarium

So I've always wanted to create a terrarium, pinterest is filled with them, they're easy to keep alive, and, like all plants, they add a certain "ambience" that you just can't get anywhere else. Succulents are a unique type of plant which store water in their leaves or stems, so they can survive in very hot climates. Think cacti in the dessert.

Another thing about these plants is that it is really easy to create a sort of landscape out of them, as they grow well together. So we had this set of Hobbit Lego lying around, and it was starting to be another annoying knick knack, always getting knocked over and breaking and whatever, and I figured it could be the perfect counterpart in a Middle Earth Terrarium.


1. A clear bowl or aquarium for planting in (basically anything will do, but transparent is better view-wise)

2. Rocks or pebbles no larger than 2.5cm or1in in diameter (this will create drainage for water to avoid drowning the plants)

 3. Dirt (feel free to dig it up from you back yard or somewhere {worked for me})

4. Succulents (you can get these at mostly any plant store, or if you know somebody who has some, you can just pull a plant off of the bunch and plant it, it will most likely continue to grow. These things are resilient!)

5. Decoration  (This part is optional, but definitely adds to the adventure. Options could include, but are not limited to: Pine cones, sand, stones, Hobbit Lego, miniature Buddas, buttons, really anything that will fit)
Prepare the planter:Layer the rocks on the bottom of the planter and fill up about half way with dirt. You can add layers of different colour dirt, rocks or sand for next level terrarium-making if you'd like. I stuck to regular ol' dirt for this part.

Once your planter is prepared, begin to plant it out, putting big plants in first and working around the space.


Once you have the placement figured out, continue to fill out the rest of the areas, ensuring to pack around the plants firmly as you go. You can use stones to create paths around the plants to keep the soil from eroding away when you water. This will also help keep your figurines in place if you choose to use some. 

When all your plants are in, it's good to give them a healthy watering. This will help them to catch hold in their new habitat and keep them strong and well rooted. After this, add decorations to your hearts content!

Here you can see the river made of sea glass which Gollum is floating down on his boat, ring in hand. Little does he know Bilbo Baggins is coming through the forrest about to meet up with him.

Oh no! He's lost the ring! This is history in the making people!!

I hoped you like my first ever terrarium :) Give it a shot, it's tons of fun and it's super low-maintenance.
Let me know if you give it a try!


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