Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good Garbage

Being in between things can sometimes be so daunting. On the one hand, the end of one thing opens up a world of possibilities. On the other, it can mean a world of choices that you don't yet know the answers to, or a million options that are increasingly hard to narrow down. It can get scary and overwhelming, but it can also be an exciting an amazing opportunity to follow your dreams. You call the shots, you're in charge of your next move!!! 

Right now I'm focusing on things I avoided during school, like organizing all the areas in my house that badly need it, I cleaned the office today (which is really just a glorified section of the kitchen) and it's like a whole new space has emerged from the darkness of busy school life. It's always amazes me how much can be done in just a few hours. It's spring cleaning in my small city which means people put all of their old garbage on the streets and it's picked up by the city for free. This also means that there is a bunch of cool stuff laying around my town for free.. it's like a city-wide garage sale where everything is FREE! Needless to say I've picked up some cool new things these past days.

My flowers have slowly started to die already, but rather than throw them away, I've hung them up to dry them out. This way I'll always have flowers around, plus they look cute strung up over the sink. I saw a few flower garland DIYs that I might want to try, or I was thinking I could make a pretty cool (and perhaps temporary) head band out of them.

I've also been cooking a lot lately in a more experimental way. Now that I have free time I don't need to follow recipes so closely as it's okay to screw things up once in a while, that's how we learn!
I can tell it's going to be an exciting summer, full of change and inspiration! I'm ready for it, whether it may be working at an amazing dream job, or planning birthday parties for my friends and family, just seeing the sun is fun and excitng to me. Anybody feeling the wave of change in the air? Summer's a'comin'!!


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