Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Photographic Proof

I actually didn't bring a camera to the show last week, I just assumed other people would bring theirs. Luckily my good friend, and classmate, Kassandra, from took some awesome photos!

Swimsuit design- inspired by miami in the 50's
Soccer-inspired bustier complete with inverted box pleat peplums and exposed center back zip

Louis Vuitton/Chanel-inspired jacket with velvet oversized collar, lapel and pocket details

Military/Mod-inspired Parka with faux-fur lined hood and detachable fur vest lining

Japanese shibori, Greecian style gown. Fabric was pole wrapped and dispersed dyed to give it colour and texture.

Lovebirds jumpsuit. Print was screen-printed onto cloth and cuff and bandeau were custom MX-dyed to match.

And finally, the first BITS collection:

Last year I bought fabric in a tribal market deep in the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand where I work with displaced children from the hills. These children are considered migrants and most of them are denied identification, and in turn, a chance at any sort of free life. Many of them are sent into the cities at a young age to go to school where they are often both culture-shocked and ridiculed by the locals. I wanted to implement this into my line in a way that would both honour where these kids come from, and where they are going. The fabrics were used to be a badge of honour and allowed the garments to have an edgy, modern, urban feel with a traditional core.

Thanks for the pics, girl! Don't forget to check out Kassinka's blog for more beautiful pics and musings.

Thanks for checking out my first collection. What do you think?


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