Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Job Interviews, or making yourself seem awesome

Jacket: thrifted Pants: Joe Shoes: Roberto Vianni Shirt: Olive and Oak
So I finished school last week, and I had my first real interview on Monday. Of course I woke up sick as a dog that day, that's just the way things go.. last time I had an interview I crashed my car on the way there. It's inevitable (and in all honesty I was a little thankful to be sick because maybe I'd used up all my bad luck and my car would stay scratch-free).

So the position I am trying for is as a colorist at an outerwear company, where the main responsibilities will basically be, choosing the colours. I was nervous for the interview, but also, not so nervous.. I mean there's nobody I know better in this world than myself. I didn't even really prepare for the interview because.. how much can you really prepare for when you don't know the questions in the first place.

So I took some Dayquil, got dressed in my snazziest interview gear and brand new beautiful shoes that I got on sale yesterday at Sterling and I was just me; honest, quirky, smiley me. And I think I did good. There is no telling yet as they still have to finish interviews, call references and begin round 2 of interviews, but I can at least feel good that I did my best. I was true to myself and didn't get too worked up over the little things.

Here's to hoping everything went well, and if any of you have scary interviews coming up, just remember to be you! That's what you're trying to sell, YOU! Just be the weird, different, unique you that has a million things to offer this company, they'll be lucky to have you!

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