Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monday Musings: So We Went Camping

Joel's birthday was on June 1st, and as per tradition, we went camping!
We went to Weaver Lake this time around. It's an amazing little piece of Paradise tucked into the Fraser Valley perfect for a relaxed weekend away with friends. I finally got to use the fabric bunting I made last year, and I gotta say, really brought the festive vibe up a couple notches. 
If you wanna make your own, I made a tutorial last year, or if you're short on time there are tons of etsy shops that sell cute varieties.The weather cooperated and it was warm enough for shorts, but not too hot that we yearned for AC. There was no wifi or running water, and it was hella refeshing to just chill in the woods for a little while. 
 We made some super delicious meals, and a bunch of perfect coffee. The logs floating all over our section of the lake were taken as a challenge and we spent our weekend trying to make it to the last logs, and to improve our circuit time. It was actually super fun, and I'll have you know, I made it right to the end. Thanks to some help from a certain cutie birthday gentlemen. ;)
 We hiked around the perimeter of the lake and found some super beautiful serene creek/bridge combos straight outta a Japanese Zen garden, and also saw some pretty intimidating bugs. There was an otter (muskrat?) slithering around in the lake and so many red-headed woodpeckers and Robins.
I even managed to get my camp craft on with a nature tapestry! A couple of spikes into the dirt made my loom, rainbow hemp string made my warp and materials gathered from nature made the weft. I managed to pack it home too, and now it's chilling on my living room wall. A camping wall hanging- such a great souvenir for such a great trip!
 There were whittling adventures and late night glow stick parties, raspberry-orange jello shots and gigantic bubbles blown into existence by the wind. Overall it was the perfect weekend away.
I'm thankful for so many amazing and creative friends, life would be much more dull and uninspired without your shining faces. And to my brilliant other half, a very, very happy 25th birthday. It's only up from here!

A huge thanks to @ehodgson_08 and @tamara675 for taking most of these beautiful photos. 

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