Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Musings: Spring Ahead

Daylights savings started on Sunday. (it's weird I always thought we "saved" the daylight in the winter and enjoyed it in the summer.. but apparently we "save" it for spring and summer... beats me, but whatever) The fact is, it's almost spring. Nothing in this world is more exciting to me than spring. For reals, I found myself smiling walking down the street today to take these pictures. Some stranger yelled across the street to me asking if I was having a nice day.. probably because I was smiling so much. I was having a nice day, too. Thanks to all the SPRING in the air, and on the ground. I couldn't resist but snap a bazillion photos and honestly I had a really hard time even cutting the selection down to this many. Just so inspiring and beautiful. So without further adieu: Spring Is Arriving: A Photo Essay. 

Yes! A dandelion! Already in it's fuzzy stage! Count my lucky stars!

New life, rebirth, renewal. Spring is just perfect. Like a phoenix out of ashes. 

You know I took a couple of these, to clear up some space for new growth, of course ;)
Also, I saw an eagle:

It was a beautiful and inspiring day. Spring is upon us! The equinox is on March 20th. I am welcoming the sun to our hemisphere with a fire, flower headbands, facepaint and friends. Four F's. I'm really into F words these days.

Have a wonderful last couple weeks of winter. I'm gonna go for another walk.
Happy (almost) Spring!




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