Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Musings: Looking Back on 2013

2013 was an amazing and crazy year and I can't believe it's almost over! On today's Monday Musings I just wanted to look back at this year and be thankful for all that was accomplished.

The beginning of 2013 was an insane ride of finishing fashion school. We had 3 months to create our final collection which included 3 looks specially designed to fit 3 specific models. It was super tough, but also so much fun and eye opening. I ended up winning a monetary award for "Most Marketable Collection" which made me pretty happy (and also caused me to cry on stage in front of a huge audience haha!).
 The First Collection
After school ended in April, I slept for about a month. haha. No but really, I was so exhausted and burnt out from all the work that went in to that first collection that May was a pretty low-key month for me, except for the fact that I really wanted a job. I applied for a lot of jobs around the greater Vancouver area and went to numerous interviews. Panel interviews, one-on-one interviews, phone interviews. I was taking the train to the city nearly every week to meet with international companies- and I even got some of the jobs, but they were unpaid internships. Its a tough industry, fashion. You kinda need money to make money. This is true in the sense of creating your own company (start-up fees, investors, etc) but also for if you want to start an entry-level job at a huge design firm. You are expected to work for free for the first 3-6 months. And then maybe you'll get hired. Unpaid internships are actually illegal in Canada too, but they still expect it. It just isn't feasible for me to train into the city every day to work for free all day. So after much stress and heartache I dedicated my time to this blog instead. I am my own unpaid intern, for now at least. 
The end of May marked 5 years of dating Joel and was quickly followed with an impromptu trip to see Sigur Ros!! It was incredible and amazing and unexpected! Joel's birthday came next. It's on June first and sorta signifies the beginning of summer for us- so we always go camping to celebrate! 
 birthday camping!
The rest of the summer was filled with cliff jumping and exploring. Two of my very best friends had their first babies this year and so I also got to spend some time with them and their adorable children. My hobby of photography took a life of it's own and I started researching and really paying attention to the photos I was taking. I think it's something I really love and will continue working on the new year. 
 mother-son portrait
September brought with it the beginning of an independent study that I am doing for surface design. The class is done in my own time and is based on changing cloth through a variety of applications- dye, pigments, ironing, tyeing, etc. I chose to focus on a lingerie line made of both silk chiffon and silk crepe and traditional japanese shibori and natural indigo.
Halloween was another favorite for the year and Joel and I dressed up as Foxy and Felicity Fox from Fantastic Mr. Fox the Roald Dahl book and Wes Anderson film. The DIY I made for no-sew fox ears and tails went a bit viral (for me at least) and were repinned thousands of times on Pinterest. 
 diy animal ears
I made pumpkin cupcakes and banana muffins and burritos and soups and more. Cooking was a big part of the year this year as I really stepped out of my comfort zone and began exploring the culinary world.
 pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
The year came to a close with my birthday and finally Christmas. I looked into what it means to have a compassionate Christmas and shared a couple DIYs for Christmas cards and plant gifting.
2013 was a wonderful year and I honestly can NOT wait for 2014! It's gonna be a riot. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a 50's themed New Years party to attend tomorrow and I need to DIY some 50's accessories! 

See you in the New Year! <3
Thanks for reading!

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