Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Advent Calendar Time!

So, if we're all being completely honest here, I love Christmas more than pretty much anything. I wait until Nov. 22, the day after my birthday, and then it's full blown Christmas magic everywhere. Tree, lights, stockings, music with bells, you name it- if it's Christmas-related, I'm all over it.

That being said, some people don't feel this way. As a matter of fact, both Aber and Joel, my roomate/best friend and boyfriend, are those types of people. Scrooges, grinches, you know the type. Aber has literally told me that Christmas music makes him furious. And you know what, that almost makes me furious. It's just delightful, loving music with bells. What is more is that we don't listen to classic,  boring Christmas music. I'm talking Sufjan Stevens, My Morning Jacket, She and Him type Christmas music- and still, he'll have none of it!

Something has to be done here people! I can't go through this whole holiday season with a couple of Christmas-hating grumps. So the only logical solution is to create a super exciting and encouraging advent calendar for each of them! One that keeps them guessing and makes them excited for the holiday and what lies behind each number. Now I know Dec. 1st is but three short days away, but I've always worked better under pressure anyway.

I don't have the gifts yet, although most of them will be small and free, like haikus or the sort, can't go into too much detail in case they read this! But I've gathered some awesome and inspiring calendars from around pinterest to get my creativity turning. 

1. lapinandme         2. hitherandthither

3. angelattable       4.sillyoldsuitcase

5. espritchampetre
6. hamptons-c
7. Couldn't find source- anyone know? 8. thesweetestdigs
9. womaninreallife
I love all of these ideas so much, I'm especially leaning toward #9 and #4, although I love the colourful whimsy of #7 and #1. Which ones are your favorites?

I really hope this just gets them all happy and warm and fuzzy, like Christmas is supposed to do.

Also! Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there! Have a splendid and filling holiday with friends and family!

Thanks for reading!

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