Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Testing Begins

Hey! Thought I'd update y'all on the lingerie line progress. I've begun testing floral designs on the silk and it's much more difficult than I imagined. I'm liking the challenge though, I'm just not used to either mediums (the acid dye or the silk).
Right now I have three colours to work with: fuscia, yellow and turquoise. I thought they would be really easy to mix like watercolour paints, but I've found that perhaps I made them too thick and it's been a little difficult to blend colours.. although I got a pretty good purple.
I think I liked the super vague abstract flowers the most image 4 and 5, so I think I will go into more testing with that type of look, perhaps with layers of silk applied on top to create some texture. Dunno yet. Getting really excited though! I'm gonna have a fashion shoot at the end of this. With a bed in the forest. Stoked.

Do you have a favorite? Don't you just love the lustre of the silk.. the iPhone photos don't even do it justice!

Hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday evening

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