Monday, September 2, 2013

Not-so-Fair Weather Friend

My only excuse is that I've been enjoying the Canadian west-coast summer. And can you blame me? I've spent my days exploring the Great Bear Forest and swimming in melted glaciers. 

On top of that: 

 I've painted a couple of things.
 I wore my own designs on more than one occasion, and loved it.
 I've fended off the sun's damaging rays with oversized hats and dupious amounts of sunscreen.
 I said goodbye to some friends as they are off to travel the world.
 I've got to spend a lot of quality times with all my friends who stuck around.
And I got to finally make my house feel like a home
 There were sunrises and sunsets and water views.
And best of all, there were hundreds of hours with this guy <3 
 Here's to summer 2013! And to a much more productive (blog-wise, at least) autumn! I've already been getting so inspired by all the coziness and cuddles that come with this time of year, and even though I swear summer is my favorite season, I somehow always manage to forget that when it's slipping through the cracks of time and I'm looking up pumpkin recipes in my shorts.

Apparently we're going to get a good 20 more days of sun here on the west coast, so I'll do my best to check back, but hey! Summers slippin!

Go out and enjoy it before it's all gone! #Onelasthurrah

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